Our private syndicate is a flexible and tax efficient structure designed to facilitate the purchase of business premises and other investment properties.

It lets a group of connected parties or associated investors, to include SIPP or SSAS pension schemes, that combine resources to buy a property investment through a tax transparent, special purpose vehicle.


Benefits of Private Syndicate Structure

Investor control

  • Each investor has control of their share of the asset

Simplified funding

  • A single loan secured as non-recourse debt can be agreed at the syndicate level rather than against individuals
  • Investors cannot lose more than their original investment
  • The syndicate allows a broad base of investor participation, which can also reduce the requirement for debt
  • For self-invested pension investors borrowing at a syndicate level offers greater flexibility than borrowing against the pension scheme

Tax transparent structure

  • Investors receive gross rental income, net of costs

Does not create a collective investment scheme

  • These syndicates do not constitute a collective investment scheme and therefore are not subject to the Financial Conduct Authority

Professional management

  • Custodian Capital is a professional property manager

Flexible ownership

  • Each investor can adjust their percentage ownership
  • Investors can transfer ownership to their pension scheme through in specie pension contributions
  • Selling some or all of the investor’s ownership to another party does not impact on the loan or other investors

For more information about our property syndicate structure, download our brochure.