Financial Advisers – How to work with Custodian Capital


Custodian Capital provides opportunities for SIPP, SSAS and private investors to build a diversified portfolio of institutional grade property assets that produces a robust and stable income stream with some protection against inflation.

We offer our real estate investment opportunities through a network of financial advisers, wealth managers, accountants and other professionals. This is an exclusive opportunity, providing a distinct opportunity for investors and their advisers to benefit from our real estate investment strategy:

  • High, secure income returns
  • Low investment threshold
  • Diversification to reduce volatility and spread risk
  • Long term performance

Custodian Capital are keen to protect the client-adviser relationship and unless requested otherwise will communicate exclusively with advisers. In this regard we would agree terms of business to protect all parties to the agreement.


We operate each property investment as a separate limited partnership in a UCIS (Unregulated Collective Investment Scheme) structure. This low cost model delivers the maximum returns to the investor whilst providing them with direct property ownership of assets they have individually selected. Each investor will be a limited partner as defined in the Partnership Agreement.

We appreciate that UCIS covers a broad spectrum of investment, some of which has been much criticised. In order to deal with some of the confusion surrounding promotion of UCIS Custodian Capital can offer support to assist with: eligibility, suitability and best practice in documentation to conform to the FSA regulation. If your network will not allow UCIS we can still offer support to make these investments accessible.

Custodian Capital Limited is an authorised operator of UCIS. The scope of our services to the limited partnerships is governed by an Operator Agreement.

What can an intermediary expect when they have suitable clients?

We have a dedicated account management service that is at hand to deliver as much information as required and to assist with any technical, procedural or property issues. Early warning of forthcoming partnerships will be presented to professional advisers well in advance of the fundraising period. This will provide advisers a clear window to generate interest from suitable investors before the release of the full information memorandum and application form.

Once an investment is made intermediaries will receive a certificate of investment on behalf of their clients and thereafter a biannual report of all of their clients’ holdings including:

  • A property market commentary
  • The Custodian Capital portfolio update
  • A third party, RICS property valuation for each asset
  • The net asset value for each investor’s holding
  • Annual total return for each investor’s holding

In most cases we are able to facilitate the payment of adviser charges directly from the partnerships with client’s prior consent.

To arrange an informal discussion or meeting with Custodian Capital or if you require any further details, please contact us.