23 September 2014

Custodian REIT’s proposed issue of equity

Custodian REIT is proud to announce that it intends to raise £20 million (before costs and expenses) through the issue of new ordinary shares under the placing programme established in the company’s February 2014 prospectus (issue).

The issue will be made to qualified investors through Numis Securities Limited, and application made for the admission of the new ordinary shares to the premium segment of the official list of the UK Listing Authority and to trading on the London Stock Exchange plc’s main market for listed securities.

The issue is expected to close at 12.00pm (GMT) on Thursday 2 October 2014. The issue may close earlier or later at the absolute discretion of Custodian REIT and Numis.

The issue price per new share will be 104.75p which the board and the Custodian REIT’s external fund manager, Custodian Capital Limited, consider represents a premium of 5% to the current estimate of net asset value (NAV) per share.

Qualified investors are invited to apply for new shares by contacting Numis on +44 (0)20 7260 1000. The decision to allot new shares to any qualified Investor and the actual issue size shall be at the absolute discretion of Custodian REIT and Numis.

On the proposed issue of equity, Richard Shepherd-Cross, Managing Director of Custodian Capital Limited, said:

“The board and Custodian Capital Limited believe the issue is in shareholders’ interests as it will increase the REIT’s NAV and offer the opportunity to further diversify its portfolio, with the proceeds expected to be invested on a timely basis consistent with the company’s published objectives.”